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Arduino RAM Overflow

heavy coding and with just another variable or after some seconds serial transmitting nothing works as used? {#emotions_dlg.sealed}

Could happen that you ran out of RAM, more special the SRAM as its called on the ATmega´s.

Lets digg into it and look how to get it sorted!


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Processing mod_status Visualization

Code and more after the break!

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Hello, Hallo,

MD Display 2nd Edition Logo


im proud to announce that the second batch of prints has arrived!!!  {}

20 sets are avaiable, should be enough for everybody, i hope...  {#emotions_dlg.wink}

You can have as many as you want, for 60€ per set i send them worldwide  {}

Interested? See here: MDforum/OrderThread

with greetings from Austria,
Stephan Martin


das 2te Set Prints ist angekommen!!!  {}

insgesamt 20 Sets sind verfügbar, sollte für jeden reichen, hoffe ich {#emotions_dlg.wink}

Für 60€ pro Set versende ich Weltweit, jeder kann haben soviel er will  {}

Interesse? Hier gehts weiter: MDforum/OrderThread

Stephan Martin

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TypK to RGB Led

this little circuit reads a Typ K Thermocouple and indicates the Temperature with an RGB LED.

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Cree MC-E soldering

How to solder this:

into that:

The Video i hope describes it all:


But basically its a 10W Heating element (24V) with a very small heating plate.
A thermocouple is attached to the base and used to adjust the temperature.

To prepare for the soldering i presoldered the PCB and the LED:

The Solderprofile can be found on the Cree Website:

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