overpowered raspberry pi XMAS LED tree

festive season! That requires a tree, a LED powered tree driven by a raspberry pi!

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3d printed microscope Light adapter for Ikea led light jansjö

The Jensjö is a great light for the microscope, but the original base is always in the wrong place, so i made a light adapter to fit the led light directly to the microscope.

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Flying ananas ribs

Es gibt wohl Mode beim grillen, die flying ananas ribs sind so eine Mode!

Ananas am Drehspieß (Rotisserie) mit Rippchen flankiert, das ganze bei 160°C für 2h indirekt grillen.

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Eachine Wizard x220 ESC replacement

After one ESC on my wizard x220 send out its smoke, i searched for a replacement

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