Eachine Wizard x220 ESC replacement

After one ESC on my wizard x220 send out its smoke, i searched for a replacement

The ESC on the Eachine Wizard x220 are BLheli_s 20A G-L-20 on the PCB is written EFMBB-20A-4S-V1.2

Under the microscope the burned ESC looks like the MOSFET was short circuited on its drive side:

Looking around, there are a lot of solder balls, and the soldering in general looks bad.

I assume that one of this solder balls moved and shorted the MOSFET.


I used the Multistar BLheli_s 20A, where EFM8BB-20A-4S-V1.2is written on it, and G-H-30 is running on it.


BLheli Configurator details: ESC3 is an original G-L-20 (where i flashed the 16.65_Tones firmware), ESC3 is the brand new ESC with the 16.2 BLheli_s firmware out of the box

After flashing the 16.65 firmware, and adjusting the settings like the others, the Eachine Wizard x220 flys again :-)


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