DIY GPS Tracker

GPS tracker with map

a battery powered tracker that transmits the location. Or actually, in this configuration it is a TTN-Mapper 😀


It is called TTGO T-Beam, a highly integrated Arduino compatible board with ESP32 µController, GPS receiver, LoRa transceiver, 18650 battery, OLED display, voltage controller.

There are different versions of the T-Beam. The LoRa chip is set to different frequency ranges depending on the region where it should be used. Further there are hardware revisions that need different software to be handled correctly.

Used here is a Version 1.0 with 868MHz, 1.0 as i had this already and 868MHz to fit the TTN Frequency in Europe.


the T-Beam is running the TTNmapper software, with this its transmitting the current GPS location in a given interval to TTN. TTN is setup to forward the location into TTNmapper where the position can be seen.

Alternatively it is possible to transmit the position to any other place by a http integration, this more for a developer but everything is possible 😎

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