Bedroom Light

making this:

Finished Room

With some metal bars and LED´s!


First step, go to the hardware store!


Metal parts

Then some drilling into the ceiling and the metal bars, and a first assemblytest can be done Lächelnd

drilling the big holes! Mounting the Light

Meanwhile the LED´s arrived:

LumiLeds Array Cree Array

Luxeon LXHL-MD1D and Cree CP-G R5 are used, combined they give a warm bright light!

To test out if the metal bars are ok as heatsink a small test piece was build:

Adding some thermal conducting paste LED´s attached :)

Driven at 350mA the piece just warmed up slightly, so its ok as heatsink!

Now two PWM drivers and power supplys got combined into a little box, and the rails mounted:

Electronic box Testing the Light

Finished Cool And for extra Credit a little Ice Tube Clock on the nightstand:


For some extra Infos, check this link:

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