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3D Scan Arduino

 How to make a 3D Scanner with an Arduino, the cheap way Lachanfall

 What will it do?

Something like this:

Isnt that nice? Winken


Whats needed:


 Not much to say about that. Zip tie the Servos and the Sensor together, finished.



There starts the tricky bit! Besiegelt


The Arduino is only listening, the PC is sending commands where to set the Servos and to feedback the Analog value.

On the PC a programm is running letting the Servos do a "meander style" motion and scanning the area.

The analog Sensor signal is then first convertet to  Distance, and then the polar is convertet to cartesian.

This is stored as .obj file, that is then manualy "nice made" with MeshLab.


The interesting Code Parts:


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