Selfmade Video Dolly

dont we all want to make things like this? Zwinkernd

Detail of Video DollyThe full Video Dolly system

In Action:

How its made:

- Inlineskaterollen / Inlineskate wheels
- Blechwinkel / Metal
- Besenstiel / Broomstick
- Many M6 Bolts and Nuts

i got all the pieces in the Hardware store, they even had the wheels!

The wheels are connectet with M6 screws, they fit nicely into the wheels and give a stable connection to the angled metal plate.

This wheelset is connectet to the body plate with a M6 screw and a wing nut, so the angle can be adjustet!

The weight is used to compensate the heavy camera, if you use a smaller one you should be able to go without it.

Detail of Video Dolly Rotation with the Video Dolly

The full Video Dolly system

Video Dolly with high position

An always remember, be creative Zunge raus

Selfmade Video Dolly sitting on a VR6 Engine in VW Golf:

Video Dolly on Engine

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