Block Erupter Overclocking

USB Block Erupters from Asicminer are widely used for mining Bitcoin. They are running at a Hashrate of 330Mh only consuming 2,5W what makes them very power efficient and at are currently cheap avaiable at something below 1 BTC.

Block Erupter Overclocked

In August 2013 Jeremy has proven that they can be Overclocked by exchanging the Oscillator and tuning the Voltage. So lets see how to get this going!

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I swapped the XO53 3,3V Oscillator from stock 12Mhz so 16Mhz, what increased the Hashrate from 330Mh to 440Mh.

Block Erupter Oscillator removed

Also needed is a increase in the core Voltage, from 1.05V to 1.3V, this is done by replacing R1 from 0,7kOhms to 1,5kOhms.

Running at 1,2V (1,2kOhms R1) gave a high Error Rate, with the 1,3V all are running stable.

To handle the heat much larger heat sinks are fittet to the Block Erupters

Stock Heat Sink

what gives a Block Erupter running Stable at 440Mh not needing a fan!

They draw a bit over the 0,5A with this mod, so the fuses inside of the USB Hub needed to go...

USB Hub, fuse removed

That makes a mini Mining Rig looking just awesome Cool

Block Erupter Mining Rig

This is running a bit below 1,8Gh! with a error rate of less than 1% 

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