2D Xmas Tree

a little christmas decoration tree made out of a PCB, all parts are within the PCB, making it only 1,6mm in height!

Aufgebauter 2D xmas tree


The trick is to arrange the components within the PCB. The contacts are made with castellation.

There a via is been milled half way, and the component gets soldered to the exposed copper.

Castellation, leer Castellation mit Bauteil


The ATtiny25 has only 5 IO Pins when the reset should work. So to drive 20 LED´s with it, Charlieplexing is used.

That uses the tristate capability from the AVR and is using all the 5 Pins to drive the LED`s.

Circuit diagram on Github

Downside of this is that only one LED is on at a time, at 20 LED´s that results in only 1/20 of the brightness.


The PCB itself uses the different layers to give the picture of a tree with snow.

Its made using Inkscape based on the SVG export from KiCad.

In total  colors can be made using this method: Hackaday PCB Color


to generate patterns a interactive website is made: https://designer2k2.github.io/2d-xmas-tree/

Its based on the exported SVG from KiCad, that is then simplified in Inkscape. With Javascript and Raphael its shown and Bootstrap used as Framework.

The ATtiny25 is programmed over ISP, that can be done with an actual Arduino, or a ISP programmer:

ATtiny ISP Programming

the complete code, KiCad files and a instruction can be found on Github: https://github.com/designer2k2/2d-xmas-tree

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