3d printed microscope Light adapter for Ikea led light jansjö

The Jensjö is a great light for the microscope, but the original base is always in the wrong place, so i made a light adapter to fit the led light directly to the microscope.

The adapter is drawn in Openscad, and was printed by a co-worker.

Printed with 20% infill and taken care of the shrinkage. A nail is used to hold it in place:

It sits right where the direct light could have been for this microscope, in this case a Euromex StereoBlue SB.1903-U

It weights only 13.85995gr but is extremly strong, much more than needed.

The Ikea Led light Jansjö is mounted directly into the 3d printed adapter:

The Ikea Jensjö is a single LED spot with a long flexible neck and classic look.

Even when the microscope is moved away, the LED light can still be used:

The Adapter can be found here: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/microscope-ikea-led-light-jansjo-adapter


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