KiCad Portable

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KiCad Portable

KiCad Portable

How to make KiCad, the free open source EDA Portable!

Download KiCad Installer

download the installer from:

Alternative you can use the KiCad Winbuilder to get the bleeding edge, but it can take quite a while to compile KiCad on your system! (took me 2 days on my a bit slow pc...)

Install to USB device

start the installer and choose a USB Stick as the place to install.


Thats it, take your USB Stick with you and enjoy KiCad Portable!

Bottom line

KiCad is portable out of the box, there is no need to do anything, just install it to a USB Stick and take it with you.

There is a KiCad portable Project on Sourceforge, but it is from 2011! Dont use 4 years old code, make it from the latest source by yourself!

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