Sony HDR-XR520VE Slowmotion

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Sony HDR-XR520VE Slowmotion

How fast is the slowmotion function from a Sony HDR-XR520VE?

For me this is fast! But i wanted to know how fast exatcly that is.

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How to measure the speed?

For this i wrote a little app what displays the current time in miliseconds on the screen,
and off course updates every 1ms.

With filming this app in slowmotion mode, and then analyzing the video data on the pc,
it was possible to get this data:

Lets start with the blue line. If we watch 1 seconds (1000ms on the bottom scale)
then we have seen 0,25 seconds (250ms on the left scale) of real speed data.

So the time has slowed down 4x! What would represent 100FPS,
when starting with 25FPS material.

This is already nice, but with the magic pc editing software the speed can even be
decreased another 4 times without any ripples.

The red line is exactly that, this is watching the 100FPS film at only 25% speed.

Here 1 second represents only about 0,06 seconds (62ms on the left scale).

So in the end the material has slowed down 16x! What is a impressive 400FPS.

My videos on top are running at 400FPS, can you see some ripple? For me thats smooth {#emotions_dlg.laughing}

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