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Hello, Hallo,

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im proud to announce that the second batch of prints has arrived!!!  {}

20 sets are avaiable, should be enough for everybody, i hope...  {#emotions_dlg.wink}

You can have as many as you want, for 60€ per set i send them worldwide  {}

Interested? See here: MDforum/OrderThread

with greetings from Austria,
Stephan Martin


das 2te Set Prints ist angekommen!!!  {}

insgesamt 20 Sets sind verfügbar, sollte für jeden reichen, hoffe ich {#emotions_dlg.wink}

Für 60€ pro Set versende ich Weltweit, jeder kann haben soviel er will  {}

Interesse? Hier gehts weiter: MDforum/OrderThread

Stephan Martin

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TypK to RGB Led

this little circuit reads a Typ K Thermocouple and indicates the Temperature with an RGB LED.

Read more:

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Cree MC-E soldering

How to solder this:

into that:

The Video i hope describes it all:


But basically its a 10W Heating element (24V) with a very small heating plate.
A thermocouple is attached to the base and used to adjust the temperature.

To prepare for the soldering i presoldered the PCB and the LED:

The Solderprofile can be found on the Cree Website:

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The MultiDisplay is an extensive open source Arduino Shield designed to be installed in a automotive environment.

It provides a robust power supply, a big LCD Screen and Buttons to interact with the Driver.

As inputs it can measure Exhaust temperature, Boost pressure, RPM, Air mass, Lambda, Air intake temperature, Water and Oil temperature and many more.

More information including the source code, PCB layouts and a detailed build guide can be found here:

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Sony HDR-XR520VE Slowmotion

How fast is the slowmotion function from a Sony HDR-XR520VE?

For me this is fast! But i wanted to know how fast exatcly that is.

Read more:

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